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Welcome to the crossroads of personal finance and mental health!

My name is Kevin and I’ll be your tour guide into both of these topics.

I started this site because I wanted to know how I got here, how to be healthy while I am here, and how to have enough money to be somewhere else when I don’t want to be here any longer. This site is a practical and honest collection of my own experiences, the teachings of others, and common sense tips. This is truly the type of content I wanted to read and couldn’t find.

If anything I say here earns you one more dollar, or saves you two, I‘ll be really happy. Once you try something and it saves you money, remember it, try it again, and shift your mindset accordingly. Remember to be mindful of why you are doing something or buying something. Over time these little shifts can add up to huge amounts for your bank account and your brain!

There’s likely many things you can teach me as well, so please, leave a comment anywhere you find the option. Unless you are commenting to correct or insult me, in which case, please don’t – I have very thin skin and I don’t sleep well as it is.

The articles you’ll read here have a financial and mental health focus. It just happens to be what I enjoy thinking about. This stuff is not for the super frugal or the uber rich. It’s for the over-spenders and the over-thinkers of this world. It’s sensible stuff I’ve collected from trial and error. It’s not from a place of self-importance. However, I should tell you how I know this stuff works, right?

The reality is I’ve been working since I was 14 and come from lower middle class America so I had a leg up with my savings compared with most of the world. But then I started trading stocks at 18. I owned my own house at 23. And by 25, my 401k and IRA were maxed out every year. I invest heavily in the stock market, real estate, and hold even more in savings for future investments.

I’m not a lawyer, financial planner, or engineer. I have an average desk job, a degree from a mediocre university, and I buy my coffee at Tim Hortons. I definitely don’t discount my privilege growing up as a white male with a supportive family, but I also firmly believe that everything discussed here can be done by an average person at any age. Except like, two. Two year olds can’t do anything.

Any amount of success I’ve had sure felt hard fought, but I am well aware that a lot of it was luck too. My genes were luck. The era I was born in was luck. The people I met growing up who influenced me were luck. But not taking advantage of that luck and passing along what I’ve learned is selfish and stupid. And if something catastrophic occurs to me in the future and I lose all of my wealth, well THAT will be luck too.

If you find anything here worth reading, please pass it along. I’d really appreciate your support. Enjoy and check back often. There’s something new each week!

Thank you!

-The Sensible Merchant, Kevin

Grow Your Money // Grow Your Mind

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